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The Buckingham Uphholstered Fabric Sleigh Bed

The Buckingham Uphholstered Fabric Sleigh Bed

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Introducing the Chesterfield Buckingham Bed: A Timeless Elegance

A Decadent Masterpiece:

The Chesterfield Buckingham Bed is more than just a bedstead; it's a symbol of timeless elegance and decadence. This extraordinary piece of furniture is your opportunity to own a bed with a design that exudes opulence and offers enduring appeal.

Superb Craftsmanship:

The Buckingham Bed features a superbly crafted design with chunky, curved head and footboards adorned with studded beading. Every detail of this bed has been meticulously considered to create an aesthetic that is both luxurious and classic.

Exceptional Construction:

Constructed from a solid hardwood mix, the Buckingham Bed ensures long-lasting durability. This bed is not only a statement piece but also a practical choice for refreshing your home. Its solid foundation guarantees that it will stand the test of time, making it a valuable addition to your bedroom décor.

Customization Options:

The Buckingham Bed comes with diamanté buttons and studded beading, adding a touch of sparkle and sophistication to its design. However, we understand that personal preferences vary. If you desire matching fabric buttons or prefer not to have the studded beading, simply leave a note when placing your order, and we will tailor the bed to your liking.


The Chesterfield Buckingham Bed is available in various sizes to accommodate different room dimensions and sleeping requirements:

  • 3FT Single: Width - 102cm, Length - 225cm
  • 4FT Small Double: Width - 131cm, Length - 225cm
  • 4FT6 Double: Width - 144cm, Length - 225cm
  • 5FT King Size: Width - 163cm, Length - 235cm
  • 6FT Super King: Width - 191cm, Length - 235cm

A Luxurious Sleep Sanctuary:

Transform your bedroom into a luxurious sleep sanctuary with the Chesterfield Buckingham Bed. Its regal appearance and exceptional craftsmanship make it a statement piece that elevates the ambiance of your bedroom.

Timeless Beauty:

Invest in a piece of furniture that not only offers exceptional comfort but also exudes timeless beauty. The Chesterfield Buckingham Bed is more than a bed; it's a work of art that adds sophistication and opulence to your living space.

Experience Elegance:

Don't miss the opportunity to experience the elegance and grandeur of the Chesterfield Buckingham Bed. Elevate your home décor and create a sleeping environment that radiates luxury and style. Order your own piece of timeless elegance today.

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