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Bellagio Plain Upholstered Fabric Bed Frame

Bellagio Plain Upholstered Fabric Bed Frame

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Bellagio Plain Bed Frame: Where Simplicity Meets Elegance

Elevate your bedroom to new levels of sophistication with the Bellagio Plain Bed Frame, a masterpiece of understated elegance. This bed frame boasts a Simple Lined design upholstered to perfection, with a carefully crafted border on the headboard that adds an extra touch of refinement and charm.


  • Double: 160cm wide x 210cm long x 155cm high
  • King: 175cm wide x 220cm long x 155cm high
  • Super King: 205cm wide x 220cm long x 155cm high
  • Headboard Height: 150cm (standard height for all sizes); custom height available upon request.

Key Features:

  • Impeccable Craftsmanship: Meticulously handcrafted to order, the Bellagio Plain Bed Frame is a testament to bespoke excellence. Each piece is created from scratch, tailored to your specific preferences and requirements.

  • Tailored Sizing: Available in Double, King, and Super King sizes, the Bellagio Plain Bed Frame offers dimensions that cater to your space and comfort needs. The headboard maintains a standard height of 150cm, but customization is available upon request to suit your desired height.

  • Easy Installation: For your convenience, the headboard arrives in two pieces as standard, allowing seamless access into your home during setup.

  • Bespoke Luxury: Embrace the art of customization with a bed that's exclusively yours. Our dedication to bespoke craftsmanship ensures that your Bellagio Plain Bed Frame is tailored to your individual style and option preferences.

  • Access Considerations: Prior to placing your order, we encourage you to verify that the bed's dimensions are suitable for your space. Please note that any challenges related to access, such as fitting the bed upstairs, are not the result of a product fault. We recommend assessing your access points before ordering to avoid any potential additional costs.

  • Mattress Compatibility: The Bellagio Plain Bed Frame is designed to accommodate standard UK Mattresses. If you require a special mattress size, don't hesitate to reach out to us for assistance.

Experience the timeless allure of the Bellagio Plain Bed Frame, where simplicity meets elegance in a harmonious blend. Transform your bedroom into a sanctuary of bespoke luxury and design, and embrace the beauty of a handcrafted masterpiece. Made with precision and passion, this bed frame is more than just furniture; it's an embodiment of your unique style and an expression of meticulous craftsmanship. Discover the Bellagio Plain Bed Frame at Discount Bed Store and redefine the way you experience comfort and elegance.

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