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Ortho Firm Mattress

Ortho Firm Mattress

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The Ortho Firm Mattress consists of a standard ortho spring and is an upgrade from the standard orthopedic option as it has new improved springs to allow extra support when laying or sitting down, the only difference in the two is that this one is a more firm option due to its upgraded firm foam this allows more independent support for the back and provides further comfort. 


This mattress has also been developed with firmer materials to allow that extra durability and support such as the polyester used, it has been developed to a heavier weight, by doing this it offers all our customers to choose between a less firm mattress which is our Denver Ortho or spend a little extra for this mattress which is purely been introduced to offer a firmer mattress at a low price. 


The mattress incorporates quality natural paddings and provides excellent support. This Mattress incorporates a padded design border and an attractive quilted top above a deep layer of memory foam which helps to reduce possible pressure points and so promotes a comfortable night’s sleep. The mattress benefits from a breathable top cover for easy care and to assist in keeping the mattress fresh and healthy meaning that the mattress will last much longer and allow maximum comfort throughout the mattress’s life span


 please note: pictures used are for illustration purposes only therefore fabric variations may vary.






SMALL SINGLE: 2'6 x 6'3

SINGLE: 3'0 x: 6'3

SMALL DOUBLE: 4'0 x 6'3

DOUBLE: 4'6 x 6'3

KING SIZE: 5'0 x 6'6

SUPER KING SIZE: 6'0 x 6'6

All our dimensions are standard UK Sizes.

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