Mattress Sizes UK

The size you have for your mattress is one of the most important things to consider while trying to get a good night's sleep. We are lucky to have access to various mattress sizes in the UK, each meeting a particular set of requirements and preferences. Understanding the alternatives offered and the services given by mattress is crucial for making an informed selection, regardless of whether you're searching for a Single bed, King Size Mattress, or an even bigger Super king Mattress.

Our UK mattress dimensions

Let's first establish a fundamental grasp of the various bed lengths available in the UK before we go into the specifics of each bedding size and the products and services offered by mattress stores. The following basic sizes are available when looking for a new mattress:


A single bed is made for lone sleepers, as the name implies. At around 90 cm wide and 190 cm long, it is the smallest conventional mattress size in the UK. Children's sleeping quarters, guest rooms, and smaller living areas frequently use single beds. Their small size makes them adaptable and simple to incorporate into various room arrangements.

Double mattresses

Our next size up is the Double Mattress. With dimensions around 135 cm wide by 190 cm long, this mattress size provides a greater sleeping area than a Single. Double beds are a comfy option for couples who want to sleep close together or for people who appreciate the extra room for a more opulent night's sleep.

King-sized bed

A king size mattress is perfect for individuals who long for more space to spread out and unwind. This mattress size, which is around 150 cm wide and 200 cm long, provides plenty of room for couples for restless sleepers. For master bedrooms, king size mattresses are an increasingly common choice since they strike a compromise between comfort and room utilization.

Super king-sized bed

The Super king Mattress is the largest size available. This mattress size is the best option if you want the most sleeping area possible and have a roomy bedroom. The largest mattress type offered is a super king bed, which is around 180 cm wide and 200 cm long. They are ideal for families wanting morning cuddling with the kids or couples who wish to have a lot of space.

Providing a range of services

After discussing the standard mattress sizes offered in the Discount Beds, let's focus on the services offered by mattress. When searching for a new mattress, factors such as quality, support, and the whole shopping experience are as important as size in influencing your choice.

Product selection

A wide variety of mattress shapes and sizes, including the well-liked Mattress Sizes Uk people frequently seek, are offered by reputable mattress stores. If you're looking for a Single, Double, Kingsize, or Super king size mattress , these should have a wide range available.

Trial Times

Mattress comfort might vary greatly from person to person. Many mattress companies provide trial periods throughout which you may try the mattress in your home to ensure you're happy with your purchase. You can swap your mattress for another shape or brand if the size you initially selected doesn't meet your needs.

Supply and setup

Delivery and setup services are frequently included as a convenience when buying a new mattress. Most mattress suppliers provide effective shipping alternatives, guaranteeing your mattress will arrive in perfect condition. To make the procedure simpler, some shops even offer mattress removal services.

In conclusion, you have various alternatives to consider when selecting the proper mattress width in the UK. Utilizing the services offered by trustworthy mattress shops is crucial for ensuring a happy purchase.

Therefore, you can be confident that the appropriate mattress and services are available, whether you're looking for a Single Mattress for a guest room, a king-size bed for your main bedroom, or any other Mattress Size discount bed store that has offers available to meet your specific needs.